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Sailing With Friends

One of the great benefits of having access to a boat on Sydney Harbour is being able to spend time on the harbour with friends. Casually sailing on a Sunday morning with a fresh breeze, clear skies and smiles is a perfect way to start a day. Or sharing a drink anchored at a quaint little bay as the sun sets is the perfect way to finish.


We have had a number of friends join us on the boat recently and it’s always a lovely time. There is something about being outdoors with friends that feels so calming, and to add water and views, there is no better place to be. The video below this post was made by our friend, Melody (Fit and Fun Life) who came out with us a few weeks ago.


We are so lucky living in Sydney as it’s one of the most beautiful city harbours in the world. So much is either untouched, or tastefully developed. As a local you never get tired of seeing these sights over and over again.


So as we begin this new adventure that will enable others to enjoy the water with their own group of friends, it’s exciting knowing what joy they will have ahead of them. We feel there will be a lot of interest in small group charters, as it’s just such a great affordable option for groups of friends and family. Hope to meet you on the water soon!


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