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How we got here

Welcome to Ahoy Sydney’s first blog post. Best to start with how we got here! Who are we? Well, we are Kangarrific Tours’ new sailing division! I say division, however it’s still just us, however we are trying something new!

Kangarrific and Covid-19. It’s obviously affected our business as much as it could possibly. We haven’t provided a tour since March and haven’t had any bookings since the shut down.


When the cancellation requests started coming through, it became evident that this Corona virus was pretty serious. We could see what was already happening in Europe and it was likely Australia wasn’t far behind. It caught everyone by surprise.


So what do you do when ALL of your future bookings request a full refund with their cancellation? To us, it was obvious. This was not a time to quote cancellation policies or play any commercial games. It’s been disheartening to hear of companies not doing the right thing. All cancellations requests were processed by us immediately along with a full refund.


The last couple of tours were quite surreal. All the business we worked with had set themselves up for social distancing, and I have to admit, I actually felt a little guilty going ahead with the last couple of tours. And was quite relieved when the last tour was over. It was time to, as a nation, do the right thing.

When the boarders closed, this really hit home. 99% of our guests are holiday makers from abroad

We closed down the tours, and not long after, many businesses were forced to. Restaurants, bars, cafe’s, gyms, theatres, events and even the beaches. We where told to stay home, only go out when necessary, and to constantly wash hands…well, you know…we are all still going through this together.


When the boarders closed, this really hit home. 99% of our guests are holiday makers from abroad. And as we watched the virus spread, more and more, we soon realised that our boarders aren’t going to open up again anytime soon. As I write this, Covid-19 is spiralling out of control in the US where many of our guests were from, and the UK isn’t much better. None of our most popular markets have faired well.


Financially, obviously we’ve been hit hard although can be grateful the Australian government has stepped in with some financial relief. Personally, I have loved, and still loving being home. I’ve become a full time dad/husband and spending every day with my little family has been amazing. I’ve loved that the Earth has been given some breathing space!! I love that most of us have been forced to slow down. I loved the experience of seeing yeast finally available on a supermarket shelf during one lucky shop (took the last one). Yes, cooking, and proper cooking at home has been a great side affect. I’ve so many new yet basic experiences to be grateful of.


But when you lose your entire customer base for the unforeseeable future, what do you do? Well, we have two choices. 1, Close down, at least until things improve. However we have no idea when that will be. Qantas don’t expect much improvement for at least 12 months although it could be much longer. Or 2, Evolve and adapt.


So we are currently evolving and adapting. We will focus on a completely new market…the ANZ market. As Aussies and Kiwi’s love to travel (usually abroad), they will, for the time being, squash that travel bug in their own backyard. And when they come to Sydney, we want to be ready to offer them some great options to make the most of their time in this amazing city of ours. We will still offer our beloved Hunter Valley Tour, however we are now going to become sailors!! That’s right! We have found a yacht, and we hope to soon offer it to you. So please what this space! We will keep you updated here with blogs





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