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My Hunter Valley

After more than 10 years of working in the Hunter Valley, Covid-19 has given me time to stop and reflect on a place I now equally call home along with Sydney.


I’ve always enjoyed the transition from visitor/tourist to local. Having spent many years abroad living in various places, I’ve often arrived not knowing anyone, nor the language and then having to find a place to live, a job and a life! It’s was always a huge challenge however when you get to the point where you can finally call a place home, it’s euphoric to know you got there from nothing.


I started taking groups to the Hunter Valley in 2009 and I must admit, it was quite intimidating trying to pave my way. There were some very friendly locals who welcomed me with open arms yet others who were unsure about who this new guy from Sydney was and if he was worth giving the time of day to. 

Chat time has always been important to me in the Hunter

It took time, but over time I started to develop wonderful relationships with those I began working close to. We would soon open up and share our private lives, so I got to know who they really were, about their family, relationships, what they got up to during the week and where they were planning their next trip away


Chat time has always been important to me in the Hunter. Throughout the day I would take my guests to various places for wine or cheese or chocolate and whilst they were enjoying the local delicacies, I would have a good yarn to whomever was working there and free for a chat. And getting to know the locals up there has been one of my greatest pleasures.


Sydney is 2 hours from the Hunter Valley, so I rarely go there in my free time. And so even though I don’t get the opportunity to hang out with the Hunter locals, I would consider many of them good friends. It’s now July and I haven’t operated a tour since March and I have to say I genuinely miss the people up there! They have made the Hunter Valley my home. There is no way I would still be taking group to the Hunter if I didn’t have that special personal connection to the people up there. 


Yes, the wines are amazing, the food is delicious and the views are spectacular however my Hunter Valley is all about the people behind all of those things. So here’s to Loz, Keith, Matt, Tommy, Jackie, Ross, Jason, Neville, Steve, Ben, Alan, Simone, Rosie, Dory, Rebecca, Warren, Denise, Annette, Sara, Garth, Patrick, Geoff, Tina, Nel, Daniel, Brooke, Ray, Vanessa, Roz, and a heap of others (could go on and on). Miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

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