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Getting To Know The Harbour

We have entered a whole new beautiful world with this boat. We’ve always know that Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful in the world however we are discovering her all over again from the water. And she is far more impressive than we originally thought.


We quickly realised when we started exploring up and down the harbour how little we knew her. Without a map (or chart I should say) we simply followed the shoreline in various directions, occasionally checking google maps to find out the names of various beautiful bays and points we came across. Omg these places are seriously incredible. Some were so green and secluded you could be mistaken to think you were in a remote small coastal town. Others we lined with the most amazing waterfront properties, complete with private jetty’s. Oh how the other half live! Needless to say, we’ve been enjoying the experience and can’t get enough.

We have been so surprised about how quiet the harbour is at this time of year, even on the weekends

What’s nice is how the RMS (Roads and Maritime Service) have place a number of pink public buoys anyone can tie up to for 24 hours. In all honesty, the harbour could do with a lot more, especially when the harbour gets busier in the summer, however we have been making the most of these and tying for a sail break, or lunch on a day out. The alternative, of course, is to drop the anchor, which we have also done.


We are well and truly experiencing Sydney’s winter, so it’s potentially not the best time of year to experience the harbour however it is by no means a bad time of year. We have been so surprised about how quiet the harbour is at this time of year, even on the weekends. We are constantly passing marinas and bays, seeing 1000’s of boats moored and not being used. It’s been great having the harbour to ourselves, but I don’t understand why you would go to the expense of purchasing, mooring and maintaining a boat you aren’t going to use, all the time! Or perhaps these past weeks of loving being on the water will soon become less exciting and interesting and we too will use the boat less and less. I just can’t imagine this to be so though.


We have a long way to go before we get to truly know the harbour like our own backyard, however we are looking forward to spending the time to do it. We hope to share our new knowledge and experiences here so more to come!

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