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  • Lunch on the boat

Summer 2021

With summer approaching and with vaccination rates increasing daily, we are really looking forward to being able to begin hosting individuals, couples and small groups on our lovely yacht! How does lunch on the boat sound? Lockdown hasn’t been easy! So the freedom to be able to get out onto Sydney Harbour is a welcomed luxury we hope many will do.


Friday Twilight Sailing

Over the last few years I’ve completed a few courses with Pacific Sailing School in Rushcutters Bay, and it’s something I recommend all new sailors do. The competent crew course is particularly useful. Since those early courses I have obtained my RYA Day Skipper and almost completed my Coxswain however it’s a current program,Friday Twilight Sailing, that has been the most beneficial!


Sailing With Friends

One of the great benefits of having access to a boat on Sydney Harbour is being able to spend time on the harbour with friends. Casually sailing on a Sunday morning with a fresh breeze, clear skies and smiles is a perfect way to start a day. Or sharing a drink anchored at a quaint little bay as the sun sets is the perfect way to finish.


Bantry Bay

When I first googled recommendations on where to anchor around Sydney Harbour, I was surprised at how little information there was (and is). One location that does get a mention is Bantry Bay in Middle Harbour, so last weekend we decided to give it a go. So glad we did!


First Night Onboard

Following a bit of hesitation which was eventually erased by a steady growth of confidence, we decided to spend a night on the boat! It’s something we have never done before so we were both excited and a little apprehensive about our first time.


Tripadvisor, friend or foe?

Well, this will depend on who you ask however for most of us working in tourism, there is a general agreement that they are very much a foe. A brand that was once loved by the entire industry, built up from humbled beginnings has now become a $billion tech company taking advantage of the small business that got them to where they are today.


Getting To Know The Harbour

We have entered a whole new beautiful world with this boat. We’ve always know that Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful in the world however we are discovering her all over again from the water. And she is far more impressive than we originally thought.



The learning curve begins!

So what is it like to take possession of a yacht with very limited knowledge or experience on how to operate it? We all have to start somewhere right? And being thrown into the deep end has always worked for me, but it’s a challenge!READ MORE

My Hunter Valley

After more than 10 years of working in the Hunter Valley, Covid-19 has given me time to stop and reflect on a place I now equally call home along with Sydney.



Ahoy to you!

Welcome to our blog page. An opportunity to share our life and business directly with you.