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Friday Twilight Sailing

Over the last few years I’ve completed a few courses with Pacific Sailing School in Rushcutters Bay, and it’s something I recommend all new sailors do. The competent crew course is particularly useful. Since those early courses I have obtained my RYA Day Skipper and almost completed my Coxswain however it’s a current program,Friday Twilight Sailing, that has been the most beneficial!

The twilight series seems to go all year with different competitions happening all the time. They operate most nights of the week, somewhere in Sydney harbour however Pacific Sailing offer the opportunity to participate in either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday night competition. I’m currently involved in the Friday night series.


Our skipper is one of the most experienced female sailors of out time! Wendy Tuck. She has sailed around the globe twice and has completed 14 Sydney to Hobart’s and currently preparing to do it two handed. With such vast experience you would be forgiven to think she may be a little, well arrogant. However nothing could be further form the truth. She is the most chilled, friendly, likeable skipper I certainly have come across. My previous experiences racing on the harbour were with arrogant stressed boat owners who take great measure in yelling at their crew.


In all honesty, racing has never been my thing. I do like competition and I love winning however I’ve never understood why people get so overly invested in a race or game. Win or lose does it really matter? Apart from it being fun. Perhaps I’ve lost so many games in various sports most of my life I’m quite used to it! But anyway, I signed up to do the Friday Twilight Sailing series as I believed it might make me a better sailor.


I could have joined a private boat as they need crew all the time and I have been asked numerous times to join boats I had been on before. However by joining Pacific Sailing, I thought I could learn more as it would be with professional instructor. However I didn’t realise at the time that that instructor would actually be the likes of Wendy Tuck! And it’s been great. I have become more and more confident every week and we are actually currently winning the series!! One race to go tomorrow, so let’s see how we go.


So yes, if anyone is interested sailing more, and want to gain both experience and confidence, then I highly recommend joining a twilight series with a sailing school such as Pacific Sailing. It really has been great.


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